About IMC

International Merchandise Concepts was founded by an ex-Retail executive, who looked around at the products in the industry and thought “We can do better than this…!” After all, promotional merchandise should be as engaging, attractive, and valuable as Retail merchandise, and in fact, its origins lie in Retail merchandise.  Hence, the DNA of IMC was born.

Established in 1984, International Merchandise Concepts has become an industry leader in the manufacture and supply of gift items to the promotional products industry.  Our mission, from that day until today, has been to bring ideas and items to this industry that say “hey, look at me”, rather than “same old, same old”. Our IMC Collection has always been designed and manufactured to look like better Retail gifts, and we are proud to have innovated materials and finishes and collections that were “firsts” in our industry. Our themed and women’s gift collections have become evergreen businesses, and were inspired by trends in the Retail marketplace.

Looking forward to what the End-user marketplace is looking for, IMC has embraced the concept of the “Power of Brands”…Retail brands.  And so, like many adventures in life, we have come full circle. From the Retail DNA that launched the IMC Collection, we began our first real branded venture with a license from Waterford® Writing Instruments in 2000, and now we have 23 new and exclusive Retail brands. We’ve grown from 200 SKU’s to 2200!  So far, so good…and, you can expect to see more, and more.  In addition to the IMC lines which include apparel, crystal awards, pens, key rings, frames etc., we hold exclusive rights to many world-renown brands such as Waterford, MoMA, Cerruti, Fred & Friends, Kikkerland, Blunt and Visconti to name a few.  We invite you to visit our website at www.imc-miracles.com to view all our catalogs and product.


1 Response to About IMC

  1. bigontalent says:

    Just came across your IMC page and followed through to check out your blog. You have an amazing resource out here. And I do like the posts on your blog 🙂

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