Who Gets Custody?

Donn James

I am slowly recovering from the latest traumatic issue to befall me and while I’m not looking for sympathy, a little understanding of my situation shouldn’t be too much to ask. I realized I was taking it too personally but when it’s happening to you, it’s hard not to take it personally. I had to get a haircut yesterday but that meant I had to find a new barber. I’m sure she wouldn’t want to be referred to as a barber but I’m too old to say stylist with a straight face. Plus, I remember when haircuts were a quarter so it pains me to pay an extra $49.75 because she has stylist written on her business card. That’s like calling a plumber a turd whisperer. I’m also of an age where I don’t like change so I’ve shopped in the same grocery store for 28 years; I get mad when my doctors retire or I have to buy new tires so, in this vein, finding a new barber was not a chore I relished.
A little backstory should clear things up for you. Like grocery stores I tend to keep barbers forever or until they tire of me or quit the business to get their medical license but I just lost my barber of several years in…a custody battle. I know I’m not a child or the beloved family turtle but I don’t think warring couples give enough thought to how it will affect their friends and, in my case, clients. I know I’ve made the right choice in the battle but I’m also sure this bravery will go overlooked…much like my haircut. Many of you will poo-poo my reluctance to find a new barber as trivial and that’s not really the point. I can agree that it’s not like I’m taking sides against my heart surgeon or the lady who turns on my oxygen but what may seem trivial to some can be critical to another. People can be selfish and will fight over the kids or the family dog but give barely a thought to how it might inconvenience me. So, because my family has opted for one side over the other also without regard to how it affects me, I have had to find and begin training a new barber so they don’t cut the wrong hair because I rarely look in the mirror so how would I know.
We all know couples who have been involved with custody battles over kids or pets but, as friends, we’re treated like second class citizens in these games of “Who wants a Divorce?” I think couples are being terribly selfish in never thinking how it will affect their friends, all because some pope decided hundreds of years ago that you had to take a side in the divorce court of life. I have always tried to see both sides and wish the best for both parties but it’s often hard because one of the two usually runs off to New Jersey to start over or search for a man or woman who understands their love of guns or bottle cap collections.
I’m certainly not inspired enough to start a support group for friends or clients of the soon-to-be unmarried but if just one of you appreciates my plight, I’ll feel better and can get my hair cut with confidence and not have to worry when she brings out the straight razor.

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About IMC

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