Can I Hold the Baby?

Donn James

I’m quickly learning that having a new baby around but not in my house is really the best of all possible worlds because I can cry myself to sleep without being disturbed by a baby crying me awake and I don’t have to hide the dog food until he starts crawling. People in the previous generation were always telling me this was the best of times but they were the same people who told me bacon was healthy, cigarettes were good for the throat, the Earth was flat and a weekly leeching will cure anything; so their track record with the truth has been spotty at best.
So now I’m looking forward to filling the little guy full of sugar and sending him home or taking him to a political rally for someone his parents hate. And I’m sure someday I’ll prop him up on my knee and attempt to explain life before cell phones, flying cars and Google. I can hardly wait to tell him little boys and girls used to have to traipse through the woods dodging wolves and evil witches to get to Grandma’s house and now you pull up in an SUV. Certainly there will come a time when my grandchild will think I’m the oldest thing in the world and after a couple of hours with him…I’ll probably believe it too. When I look at him now I can already see the family resemblance and when he is older, I’ll delight in telling him how much alike we were when he was a baby because we both had no teeth, no hair and we were never sure when we wet our pants. I fully expect to begin talking in the third person, as in, “That’s not the way we do things at Grandma’s” or “Take that diaper off your head at Grandma’s.” I also expect to begin liking things I never enjoyed if that is what my grandchild likes so when he falls in love with ballet, I’ll brush up on my Baryshnikov and pretend to love it.
He has just this week started spending time on his tummy in order to strengthen his neck and back muscles and the “everybody’s an expert” bloggers call it “tummy-time.” I know babies will roll over when they figure it out but the latest craze is to do it for them and these idiots scare new mothers by telling them if they don’t do it early, they will end up with an 8-year old yelling, “Mommy, come roll me over.”
I do delight in holding him every now and then and am eager to see him grow, learn and develop into the man I know he can be but when I hold him I can’t help but remember something I learned long ago. I did not invent this and if my memory was what it needed to be, I would certainly give credit to the original author for the following: Do you realize that a baby is the only thing that comes out of someone else’s body that other people want to hold? You never hear anyone say, “Can I hold that snot?” or “I’d love to pick up that vomit.” Most things that come out of a person’s body can’t be disposed of fast enough but a baby and everyone is all “Isn’t he beautiful” and “coochie-coo.” Everybody wants to hold the baby without regard for his origin but I have a little gas and everyone is spraying the house with Lysol and looking for a surgical mask. And nobody takes their dog for a walk so they can say “coochie-coo” to a plastic bag headed for the dumpster.

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About IMC

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