The Kale Epidemic is Real

Donn James

With the new bundle of joy arriving last week, we’re learning we still have a ways to go before our house is prepared to receive visits from a grandchild. We’ve turned part of the house into a nursery again with dresser, changing table, portable cribs and playpens and as we survey the surroundings with all the gadgets, toys and stuffed animals, I feel a little like Michael Jackson looking over Neverland Ranch and I feel myself wondering if I have room for another chimp. I maintain that we are ahead of the game as, at 4 days old, even rolling over is the farthest thing from his mind right now. So far the highlight of his life is peeing on his dad during changing. So, in an effort to stay ahead of the game we started looking into baby food, preparing for the day he begins to eat instead of just drinking his meals.
I have not yet purchased any but I had occasion to walk the baby food aisle and what I learned left me amazed, disturbed and more than a little horrified. Gone was the baby food I knew and it had been replaced with baby foods whose premise was to mix something good with something bad, probably in the hopes of selling all the bad stuff they had sitting around. I grew up on Gerber and they had great flavors like pureed pot roast, whipped pork and beans, and smashed lamb and sweet potatoes. These days here are a few jars I found in this aisle from hell…pears and kale…apple, spinach and kale…pear, kale and cucumber…bananas, blueberries and beets. These are more likely foods Cruella DeVille would serve while she thought about how many Dalmatians it would take to make her a nice shawl. And did you notice how often I mentioned kale. Who thought that would be good for a baby? Isn’t kale that stuff you get when you cross lettuce with a Brillo pad? I think they just want us feeding that crap to babies so when mothers have to start cooking for them, they’ll think their mom is a great cook because she isn’t serving…kale. What it comes down to is that anyone with a blog and an internet connection is trying to tell us what is best for our youth and these are the same people who use sanitizing wipes on their shopping carts and carry a giant bottle of Purel around just in case they need to wash the hands of everyone in Yugoslavia.
I know I could have eaten healthier in the last 7 decades or so and I could eat healthier now but I made it this far and I’m okay. Well, maybe not okay…but alive. Remember, this was way before kale was invented, spinach was considered exotic, cigarettes and bacon were good for you and macaroni & cheese was a main course…and Handi-Wipes were only passed around if you were eating ribs. My mother once a week made a casserole and if the ingredients had to be listed from most to least like they now have to do on a bag of dog food, would have read…pasta, dirt, tuna. I like living in the present and like to think I have adapted but a certain irony must be addressed. Everyone is after us to use less salt but now you can’t buy a caramel, cookie, ice cream or chocolate without somebody sprinking salt on it. I guess the biggest change is the number of illnesses or diseases they have decided we now have because in my youth there was only one flu and the only people who caught it were the kids whose parents made them wear mittens in September and the stupid hat with ear flaps.

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About IMC

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