Please Lawve Me Alone

Donn James

We talked a few weeks ago about politics and the differences between the left and the right and that their only commonality is that they’re all idiots and I think I’m being extremely fair to both sides in saying that. Just because most people know I lean to the left concerning policies doesn’t mean I don’t think we deserve the best and the brightest on the ballot, especially in California and since I don’t see that in the near future on either side of the aisle, I’d like us to focus our outrage on the lawmakers who have begun to run amuck making laws where 99% of us don’t need the law and it wouldn’t hurt the state to not pander to the 1% in every case.
Why, for instance, are there blind bumps in front of the entrance to the DMV? They even came up with a name for blind bumps so they or it could sound more important. It’s called ‘tactile paving’ and while I think it’s completely necessary on street corners and mall exits when the visually impaired need to be aware of tons of metal bearing down on them, if you can’t find your car because you can’t see a car, why are you visiting the DMV? It can’t be to visit the friendly staff…they hate everyone even if you can’t see it.
I just wish the government would be the government and stop trying to be my parents. I already had parents and I had great parents so I know not to touch a hot stove and if I smoked, I would know not to do it while filling my car with gas…or breathing from an oxygen tank. I also know which side of the sidewalk is mine and I don’t take candy from strangers. I really don’t need to know the caloric content of my meal and if you think knowing the ingredients in a can of Pringles is going to stop me from eating them, you’re an idiot. And don’t try and tell me it’s so I can make an informed decision. If Californians were capable of making an informed decision…you wouldn’t have been elected. California just does that so they can start a new bureaucracy and keep people employed because we have some of the most ridiculous laws on the books. Did you know that in Baldwin Park it’s against the law to ride your bicycle in a swimming pool? That’s right…people used your money to make that a law. And they’re no better up north because in Chico you get a $500 fine for detonating a nuclear device and I bet that’ll make the terrorists think twice.
Politicians would go a long way in repairing their images if they would stop making laws to protect idiots because I think we’re flying in the face of Darwinism when they do that. And it’s not that I’m a firm believer in the “only the strong survive” mantra he posited but I think we can all agree that things would run more smoothly with fewer idiots around. What it comes down to is I think parents have become lazy and aren’t parenting enough and depending on a faulty government to do it for them. If you have to put a “Hot Coffee” warning on a cup of hot coffee…we’re doomed as a society. I’m also a big proponent of ‘no child left behind’ but if you’re in a mall and your kid has to be on a leash, couldn’t he be the one we leave behind?

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