Is That Your Blood?

Donn James

With every passing day I become more convinced the last couple of generations have executed a disservice to the crowds following them by telling them that they were special or unique. You have buoyed them beyond reality and you have set them up for failure by telling them how wonderful they were even as you watched them eat paste in kindergarten or stuff a Lego up their nose. You told them how good at sports they were and blindly ignored the truth as they tripped over first base or fell on the soccer ball. You lied to them and told them they could be or do anything when it’s just not true. You cheered and applauded Timmy when he said he was going to be a doctor and let someone else do the dirty work later. So Timmy is convinced he can be a doctor but you just saw his test scores and have to tell him, “No, no you’re not.” You’re going to flip burgers with everyone else in Group II. Unique. Yeah, sure you are.
Lately I’ve run into a lot of people from 14-40 and they all look like clones and unique is not an acceptable adjective in this situation although “special” might be. Everybody I see has tried to squeeze into the same skinny jeans and is wearing a scarf for no damned reason. And that’s the men I see. If you can’t leave your house unless you have the perfect number of rings on, you’re not unique, you’re psychotic. Half of you are wearing fedoras and the other half are saving up to buy a fedora; something that has looked good on nobody…ever. Maybe that’s one of the earlier examples of parental defiance…parents spend all this time telling them how unique and special they are and they go out and try to look exactly like everyone else.
Purely in the interest of science I have found and will note three characteristics which make you unique, but not special. When they pull your charred body from the burning wreck because that text was just too important not to read while racing down the road, you will no longer care that your dental records are unique to you. If you accidentally put your hand on the counter while you’re robbing that 7/11, when the police stop by to arrest you, you will learn that your fingerprints are unique to you. As an aside to the previous characteristic, when you’re in prison for the robbery of the above 7/11, you will find the number stenciled on the back of your orange jumpsuit is also unique to you. If you find yourself in the middle of a contentious divorce or a messy breakup or you have lived in Greenland alone in an igloo for the last year while you wrote your memoirs, you may want to, or be court-ordered to, take a paternity test and surprise, surprise; your DNA is unique to you.
The clearest example of how we are not unique or special is that we think we are unique and special but anytime we meet somebody we automatically de-individualize them and put them into a group like, “He’s a hipster or she’s a Goth or…how did that ginger get in here?”

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About IMC

IMC is a prime manufacturer and supplier of products to the promotional products industry. We sell only to qualified promotional products distributors. ASI supplier, PPAI supplier. Our lines include our own IMC lines and 26 branded lines.
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