Do You Smell Smoke?

Donn James

So it’s like I’m sitting here in an oven that is pre-heating. I’m relatively safe but I can’t seem to go in any direction that doesn’t take me into the fire so I’m starting to feel like a turkey I just put in the smoker…it’s all indirect heat but I’m cooking nonetheless. What’s odd is that so many people are shocked as if this doesn’t happen to some degree every year about this time though I will admit this is a particularly bad year. Let’s see, it’s now December, it hasn’t rained since February and humidity is hovering around 8% which means if you want fresh water you have to drive to Oregon so I don’t know what people expect. It’s so dry out today you could start a fire just by putting jalapenos on your burger and when you combine that with what they’re calling hurricane-force winds, it’s not that outrageous to see the fires spread. Imagine the big bad wolf trying to blow your house down and then the Human Torch flies through your living room.
On the news they always talk about how much of any fire is contained and they always say it as a percentage as if they did the math. Imagine a pie…just one made from the fires of hell as opposed to fresh peaches; so if they have cut a dirt line around a quarter of the pie and have guys with big squirt guns guarding the dirt line, then the fire is 25% contained. Problem is that the fires rarely watch the news and the fire in Ventura just jumped a 6-lane freeway and median because it heard there were some tasty houses by the beach. Wood shingles might be pretty but they’re about as fire retardant as your kid’s pajamas.
An odd by-product of the season is that I hear from friends and family I’m usually trying to forget even existed. They all think I am either rolling in the dirt to put out the flames or at least have my car packed with wedding photos, pets and Cheetos (their food of flight). Because most of them are living in towns so small that you can hold a conversation in the middle of the damned street and you’re never holding anyone up, they can’t grasp the reality of the size of California. These are really small towns…you never get carded in the only bar in town because everyone in the town remembers when you were born. You were valedictorian in high school because you were smarter than your twin sister. You have to date your friend’s ex because everyone else in town is a relative. You never use your blinkers because if there is anyone behind you, they already know where you’re going. Anyway, when they hear California and fire I guess they just assume we’re all being toasted. Now, while my friends and relatives are no threats to Einstein, most people in other parts of the country can’t equate the size of California to anything and require some kind of reference point but when I try and explain to the other coast that if we laid California on the east coast it would stretch from New Hampshire to the Carolinas, their eyes tend to glaze over and drool starts slipping down their shirts.
I hope everyone is safe, cool, or at least not burning, and able to enjoy the holiday season…except for the talking heads on TV who continue to say, “burned to the ground” as if there was another possible way for things to burn. Have they never heard of gravity?

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About IMC

IMC is a prime manufacturer and supplier of products to the promotional products industry. We sell only to qualified promotional products distributors. ASI supplier, PPAI supplier. Our lines include our own IMC lines and 26 branded lines.
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