Don’t I Get Credit for That?

Donn James

I suppose you can surmise by this printing that I have, to date, escaped the accusations, firings and congressional inquiries blanketing the country these days so I can only assume my behavior has consistently be seen as appropriate. Well, be still my heart. You should be worried because that should give you some indication of how low the bar has been set. To be fair, I have been blessed with a long-time love and as many know, I don’t like many other people and often go out of my way to avoid people so I’ve probably had less chances to be inappropriate than Roy Moore or Harvey Weinstein but I’d like to know when and if I’ll get some credit for being a human being because right now I’m feeling a little slighted.
It’s strangely incongruous that we have a tendency to celebrate, idolize and record the histories more of people who have started doing something right after years of doing something wrong. The importance of righting yourself with a ‘second chance’ far outweighs the lack of celebration for those who have not stumbled over their tongue or otherwise erred badly in their personal life. Let’s discuss a few examples: Subway’s Jared used to be on TV with his fat pants because he became rich and famous only after deciding to eat the right amount of sandwiches. All he did was switch to turkey and substitute lettuce and tomato for mayo and potato chips but I have spent 50-some years eating the right amount of sandwiches so I can fit comfortably in an airline seat and I have nothing to show for it. Hot on the heels of Jared’s rise to fame on TV came a show called The Biggest Loser and the biggest loser received $250,000 for their weight-loss efforts. People who looked like they had been sired by Wun Wun on Game of Thrones and Jabba the Hutt lined up in an attempt to win. All the contestants had to do was get yelled at by a trainer, eat the correct amount of food and exercise like they were on a chain gang in Alabama and poof…they lost weight. Mystery solved. Now, I’ll never be called thin but I’ve never been asked to leave a plane so it could take off and I still weigh less than these people do after they lose the weight so…where’s my money? And these celebrations are not always food-related. We all know people who have struggled with addictions of one sort or another and to come out on the other side of that is to be commended but should it be celebrated over people who have not fallen victim to these curses? I say no so if you’re throwing an anniversary party for someone because they’ve been off crack for 7 years, don’t invite me unless you’re also celebrating the 50-some years I’ve never been on crack.
The 99% of men and women who pass for normal get no credit and yet we appear shocked and outraged by the 1% we’ve always known are out there. We all grew up with kids our parents didn’t want around us because they knew they were the kinds of kids who, in 20 years would be dragging us to a Burning Man weekend…and nobody wants that. Back in the day as the kids say, we were still segregated for Sex Ed and the boys had to watch black and white film clips from the 50’s warning us not to go fishing with some guy named Ralph…so I still don’t trust guys named Ralph. I think the girls were taught not to sell Girl Scout cookies with someone named Frankie.

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