Thanks, Pilgrim.

Donn James

As we careen into the Thanksgiving Day weekend many people think it’s the only time of the year we need to be thankful and live their lives accordingly selfishly but, in reality, most of us are just searching for the wine that pairs best with irritating relatives and friends. A disturbing tradition that is gaining traction instead of disappearing like it should is that many families will put all their relatives on the spot by forcing them to say why they’re thankful as they stare into the cavity of the turkey in front of them on the table. Now, I’ve mentioned in the past that I hate gatherings where they do this so I always say, “I’m thankful I’m not a serial killer” to a room full of friends and relatives. After suffering an outcry from everyone in the room I calmly say, “Hey, I’m the only person in the room we know isn’t a serial killer so I’m a little worried about the rest of you.”
So, in the wake of the holiday and everything for which we should be thankful I’m getting into the spirit by sharing a few things for which I’m not thankful.
I’m not thankful for movies with a 1:45 start time when the movie doesn’t start until 2:08 because of the commercials and previews. My shoes are off and the seats recline so if I have to wait 23 minutes for the feature to start, that means I’ve been asleep for 22 minutes. Here’s the deal…I’m in the theatre so why do I have to watch commercials about the theatre? I’m already here, I’ve successfully traversed the gamut required to purchase a ticket, so why do I have to learn how easy it is to buy a ticket, order bad food and turn my phone off? So stop irritating the demographic you’ve already captured with seats that fold into a bed and start marketing elsewhere. Maybe get a kid to spin a sign out on Thousand Oaks Blvd. And if you’re going to the theatre because you think they know how to make a Moscow Mule…you need to learn how to drink.
I’m also not very thankful for Costco not having an express lane on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving when all I need is a pumpkin pie. While you’re at it you could put a hold on the free lunch you’re serving in the middle of every aisle. I’m just carrying one pie and I can barely navigate the aisles this week so the people tying things up while they stuff themselves on meatballs and pizza rolls is more than irritating. My Costco is in Westlake Village and I’d like an express lane all the time but this week is especially bad with a lack of parking as cars circle the lot like vultures. You have to take an Uber to get there or expect to park in Long Beach and walk from there unless you can afford to rent an airplane and parachute in from 5,000 feet. The real reason I want an express lane is that I’m a guy and I know what I want…I don’t walk every aisle looking to make another bad decision so it’s especially frustrating when I just need a pie and every other customer is there restocking their mini-mart in Clovis.
And Black Friday can just go to hell while we’re at it. I’m not thankful for it being covered as if it is real news and if I see one more TV interview of someone who won’t wait in line for two minutes at an ATM but who will spend the night in a lawn chair in front of Walmart because they might run out of ‘Barbies’ well, I can’t be held responsible for my actions. And if you leave your family Thanksgiving celebration to go directly to the sales, I hope your car breaks down…because then I’ll be thankful.

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About IMC

IMC is a prime manufacturer and supplier of products to the promotional products industry. We sell only to qualified promotional products distributors. ASI supplier, PPAI supplier. Our lines include our own IMC lines and 26 branded lines.
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