Please Don’t Get a Side of That.

Donn James

I was at my weekly business lunch yesterday and while we routinely solve the world’s problems, at least to our satisfaction, this is not to say we are without fault, though none of us is likely to be incarcerated for insider trading, colluding with Russia or inappropriate sexual conduct so I don’t expect to see any of our names in the NY Times or to have paparazzi camped on our front lawns. What is mildly interesting is that these captains of industry, though we have manners indicating a proper upbringing, have eating habits which would make a garbage dump maggot recoil in horror. Seriously, a Norwegian wharf rat living in a dumpster would throw up if he saw our plates. Now, I normally hold my tongue because of my self-imposed mantra of Courtesy Costs You Nothing but they are getting used to my eye-rolling when they try and describe their order to a waiter. In past notes I have mentioned my associate who likes things light years beyond cooked…petrified is the word that best describes anything that comes out of the kitchen for him. His perfect bacon is if it comes out of the kitchen as just a pile of ash on his plate. The other day he ordered eggs benedict which traditionally celebrate the poached egg but he wanted his eggs one step beyond hard-boiled which I believe is called…rock. I’m convinced if there wasn’t Hollandaise sauce to hold them down, his eggs would have rolled off his plate. You could have played croquet with these eggs. Yesterday he ordered chicken tenders so well done they looked like they had the texture and bite of…chicken lips. I have another friend who orders the wedge salad almost every week but can’t summon the energy to cut it so he makes the kitchen chop it up and drown it in ranch dressing, the most degenerate of all condiments. Ordering ranch dressing is like saying, “Don’t shoot me, I’m already committing suicide.” In the same vein, the gentleman on my right wants everything with a side of BBQ sauce because he is adventurous in nature or because he was raised on the west side and never got to pretend to be a cowboy. I’m so used to seeing that side of BBQ sauce near his plate, I won’t be surprised when he starts stirring it into his coffee. Lastly, the gentleman on the other side of the row and down a couple from me wants his french fries well done which essentially means leave them in the burning oil until they stop screaming. What is well done for a french fry? Isn’t that just a potato chip?
As much as I would like to get to the bottom of this issue, it just appears to be a time and environmental thing. We are all of an age where there were only two condiments…ketchup and mustard, and most of you can’t imagine living in an era where mayonnaise was considered exotic. It was a sad, dark time in America’s history because you could buy a hamburger for $.15 but balsamic was for furriners. In music we were experiencing the British invasion with the Beatles and Stones but we made them leave their vinegar in London as in the wake of the Cold War the idea of vinegar on fish was treasonous. Oddly, McDonald’s put pickles on your hamburger but relish was considered to be the work of the devil.
As a group, in spite of our culinary atrocities we do band together and collaborate on projects for the good of mankind like making easier-to-open pill bottles since we are the over-medicated generation but don’t believe it should take a doctorate, scissors and a wrench just to take two aspirin. We’re also just minutes away from bringing you a flying car. We work together after all, because we are the generation that invented the saying, “There is no I in team” but then my friend reminded me that, “That’s only because they needed two I’s to spell idiot.”

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About IMC

IMC is a prime manufacturer and supplier of products to the promotional products industry. We sell only to qualified promotional products distributors. ASI supplier, PPAI supplier. Our lines include our own IMC lines and 26 branded lines.
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