Do You Have Any Spare Change?

Donn James

I like to think I’m a big supporter of small businesses in that I buy sandwiches at the local deli and I don’t send my shoes to Amazon to get new heels. That said, I do shop the big box stores as well because occasionally the local coffee shop wants $4 for a croissant but I can go to Costco and get 24 for $0.89 so while I want to support the Bean Scene, I can do rudimentary math…and your croissant is not worth $4 just because you give it to me with a smile.
Occasionally a small business will do something to make me wonder how they started, even make money or continue in business. We have a local coffee shop in a good-sized corner shopping area in our community and it is, by all accounts, a popular place with the moms and high schoolers in the area but it has changed hands several times over the years as it struggles to stay in business. Apparently the original owner didn’t understand the concept of a non-compete clause because this coffee shop is now about 10 giant steps from a Starbuck’s…with a drive-thru lane. That would be like a guy opening a toilet paper store next to Costco because you would automatically assume that guy had stopped taking his medication.
I suppose patronizing small businesses feels good because it’s generally a less businesslike atmosphere; more like visiting family that you like and less like being a number in some company’s profit stream. Every now and then though, it would be nice if Mom & Pop would remember they should at least pretend to be a business at times. I went to one such business the other day and I won’t mention the name because if I get sued, I have to talk to a lawyer and nobody wants that hell. Anyway, I just needed something small so I picked it out from among the homemade air fresheners and homemade beef jerky and went to the counter to pay and put a $20 on the counter only to be told by some fresh-faced, high school dropout that she couldn’t make change. I said something appropriately witty like, “That’s why you have a cash register. It will tell you how much change to give me and if it doesn’t…believe me, I can do the math.” This statement sailed several feet over her head and she said, “We can’t change the $20.” I will take this time to remind all of you that it’s a $20. It’s not like I dropped a gold bar on the counter…or some beaver pelts. What is she trying to tell me? Do I have too much money to shop here? Am I richer than I think? I have a hole in my sock that’s telling me otherwise. Is she expecting me to tell her just to charge me $18 for that roll of Lifesavers and have me walk out of there happy with $2? It’s a $20 and you’re treating it like I just put a stock certificate for 100 shares of Google on the counter. I know with Mom & Poppers your probably expected to stock the shelves whenever a new shipment of homemade wind chimes comes in and maybe you have to sweep up now and then, but your only real duty is to sell me, at a real value you’ve previously determined, whatever I want to buy…and give me my damned change. It’s a $20; I didn’t walk in and try and pay with a Jackson Pollock painting.
I’m at a loss to explain when a $20 became too much money because around here it will only pay for about 2 hours of parking and won’t even cover valet parking. Understanding the value of your products and having an adequate change drawer would seem to be integral in running a business, large or small, and the lack of same might indicate a lack of understanding of our monetary system. I expect the girl would have called the cops if I tried to pay with a $2 bill.

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About IMC

IMC is a prime manufacturer and supplier of products to the promotional products industry. We sell only to qualified promotional products distributors. ASI supplier, PPAI supplier. Our lines include our own IMC lines and 26 branded lines.
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