2-Letter Word Problems

Donn James

A good portion of my day consists of repairing someone else’s version of the English language because the recent generation of education has blessed us with a multitude of people unable to spell the word kat cat, so I have, by default, become the Grammar Police. Oddly, I used to call myself a Grammar Nazi but the PC Nazis were concerned that I might offend the real Nazis…as if that’s possible. I have corrected the grammar of my children, co-workers, friends, students and athletes for as long as I can remember and yes, I know it’s irritating but it makes me smile and I take life’s little pleasures where I find them.
I do take comfort in knowing I have mellowed over the years though, as I no longer automatically delete family members who send texts with today’s bastardized version of shorthand and it’s been over a week since I killed anyone who pronounced the ‘t’ in often. This isn’t London in 1548. That said, if you are texting ‘B4’ I still assume you don’t know how to spell ‘before’ and if you are typing ‘cuz’ instead’ of ‘because,’ I weep for all mankind. The word is ‘be-cause’ so if you know how to spell it, you must think your time is too valuable to hit all seven letters but I implore you to get your ego in check, put your car in park or come to a complete stop and type all the damned letters be-cause we shouldn’t have to hire a translator to decipher a damned text message.
This all started because yesterday I heard someone say “on accident” and that is plainly oxymoronic and I’m hearing it with an alarming increase in frequency. You can do things ‘on purpose’ but things happen ‘by accident’ (that’s why we call them accidents) so pass it along because I don’t want to hear it again. You can’t have an intentional unintentional event. In the same vein, something I hear far too often these days is someone saying they were standing on line. Unless you’re standing in the middle of the freeway waiting to get clipped by a semi carrying a load of live chickens, you’re in line and not on line. And if you’re taken out by that semi, it just proves Darwin’s theory is working. In the English-speaking world, which excludes New York of course, you are in line so please get on board or…get on board.
I hear the ‘on line’ and ‘on accident’ most often from the younger generation and they become an easy target because they’re really not that bright in the first place but somebody either had to teach it or, at least, tacitly accept it without correcting them. I try but it’s getting harder and harder to talk to young people so I prefer to talk to babies. Someone once said it’s like talking to the same person but babies haven’t had time yet to think up dumb ideas.

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About IMC

IMC is a prime manufacturer and supplier of products to the promotional products industry. We sell only to qualified promotional products distributors. ASI supplier, PPAI supplier. Our lines include our own IMC lines and 26 branded lines.
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