Hey, I’m Participating Here!

Donn James

In this odd time for America I believe it’s important to take a stand and while I try to keep politics out of this column, occasionally I’ll let things slip so we have a reference point. I am almost universally at odds with the current ‘party of power’ but I certainly do not hold the left blameless for the state in which we find ourselves so I am sharing what I see as the problem. The right may do something any day that will end life as we know it instantly but the left has been slowly killing us over the last two generations with something called…the participation trophy.
I have now lived through the participation trophy generations and this crap has got to stop because we have now raised the most entitled, least driven generations to date and we are clearly embarrassing ourselves. Hell, William and Kate are working harder than we are and their Grandma is the damned Queen of England.
I would give a lot to be able to go back and have a spirited discussion with the idiot psychiatrist who fostered the participation trophy syndrome on us many years ago. Now, I would never call them the good old days but back in my day, if you sucked…well, you sucked. Since the 80s though we have been burdened with something foolishly designed so as to not damage a child’s self-esteem which has instead given us a generation with no self-esteem. We are at a crossroads my friends and the first step is to stop giving a ribbon to the kid who makes it out of the shallow end to the side of the pool because all we’re really saying is, “Congratulations for not drowning.” I’m certainly not advocating for a ‘survival of the fittest’ doctrine but it may be time to ask ourselves, “Just how badly do we need these people?” We have to stop giving awards to kids just because they show up and walk around the field looking at flowers because we find now it robs them of the drive to do more than just show up. Then they just show up for high school and college and are now just showing up for work, thinking that’s all that is required. It’s called ‘earnings’ for a reason. Then when they show up for unemployment benefits and are shocked when told they actually have to look for work. And then they complain because nobody ever made them look for anything until now.
This is the clarifying portion of the program as I tell you that while I am devoutly against the win at all cost mentality, you have to be living under a rock to not know almost everything in life is based on winning and losing and if you can’t live with that, you probably already live in a commune in Idaho. Even then you probably feel like a winner if you can get turnips to grow. We have told our children to do your best and that is all well and good but we have neglected to tell them that if your best is not good enough, your best needs to get better. If we continue this practice of rewarding losing with a ‘Better Luck Next Time’ medal, we’ll continue to have lots of people wearing that medal as they fill out an application to make french fries at McDonald’s.
With the exception of the last few ‘police actions’ we have never gone to war without trying to win. If we had, we’d be serving that tea to our English lords instead of fishing it out of Boston Harbor. And unless you need a big tax write-off, nobody gets in the stock market to lose money. The SF Giants are in last place right now but I guarantee they’re not trying to lose so they are a prime example of how your best needs to get better. You don’t go into court to lose and you don’t make that presentation to lose that account but make no mistake; almost everything we do is a battle and you had better be trying to win so I propose we start from the top down…if Hillary doesn’t get a participation trophy, nobody does. We need to tamper down the “if you had fun, you won” mentality because if you had fun…you had fun but you could still be a loser.

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