Hey, Your Hair is on Fire!

Donn James

I want to wish everyone a happy 4th of July weekend and I thought I’d better do it now in case I come back Wednesday with fewer fingers than required to type. I can barely text now so if all of my fingers melt into a blob because I don’t let go of that M-80 in time, I’m going to have to get better at talking to Siri. Most of us have a four-day weekend coming up because we own or work for progressive, employee-first types of companies who realize that an occasional bonus day off results in better productivity in the long run. If you have to work Monday, your company probably didn’t make the list of Best Places to Work list for 2017.  And if you’re the boss of said company, I’d watch my back because unless your employees have to go through TSA to get to work, they’re probably armed. This extra day goes away next year when the 4th is on a Wednesday and even I won’t give anyone a 5-day weekend.
If you’re thinking of going somewhere with this mini-vacation time, I would rethink that. You certainly can’t go anywhere by car. If you leave now you’ll get there Sunday and have to leave Monday morning to get back to work by Wednesday, so I’m just going to try and find a spot in the house where I can reach the BBQ grill and the remote control…without leaving my chair. I expect I’ll see some fireworks since most of my neighborhood friends have taken the whole “fireworks are illegal” thing more as a random suggestion than as a law and that is why the cul de sac looks like a free fire zone in Baghdad on the 4th. I believe I have friends who get angry if they go out and spend $100 on fireworks and only one person loses a hand. I’ve determined it’s far too easy in California to go somewhere fireworks are legal and bring them back to communities where we’ve wisely made them illegal. I think we’ve just arrived at a point where my friends just don’t think the sanctioned fireworks displays at the golf course, mall or park are deadly enough. I guess it’s just a kind of, “Where’s the fun if everybody lives?” syndrome. And the danger level seems to rise exponentially every year; just like with extreme sports but I think it’s less than a glowing commentary on society that we seem to be hoping for an accident like a bottle rocket taking out your nephew or the cliff diver who mistimes the opening of his parachute so he ends up on the ground looking like an Denver omelet covered by a paper towel.
Ever since our ancestors who were still busy just trying to figure out the whole…walking upright thing when the tall hominoid was hit by lightning and the survivors realized he had discovered fire, we have had a peculiar fascination with fire. And that’s not always a good thing is we have one young man in the neighborhood who is never as happy as he is when he has an acetylene torch in his hands. However, sometime during the evening he will forget the fireworks are designed to go up and he will light several while they’re still lying down so when they go off, they’re shooting down the block like tracer bullets. Let me just say that shrapnel wounds are not uncommon as he lumbers around lighting anything that resembles a fuse. That’s all well and good until you find your shoelace on fire. As my mother used to rhyme, “It’s all fun and games until your cat goes up in flames.”
So please have a happy and safe 4th of July weekend but if you don’t and need help locating a missing finger, give me a call and I’ll come help look for it. I have a flashlight.

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About IMC

IMC is a prime manufacturer and supplier of products to the promotional products industry. We sell only to qualified promotional products distributors. ASI supplier, PPAI supplier. Our lines include our own IMC lines and 26 branded lines.
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