It’s 4:30, Is Dinner Ready?

Donn James

I have friends from Florida and while they couldn’t wait to get out of there, they still think it’s the place to send their parents. That said, from personal experiences and the news, I’ve come to believe that things happen in Florida that don’t happen anywhere in the other 49. Police raided a large Florida retirement community this morning and uncovered a drug operation that had what was described as an abundance of methamphetamine, weapons, ammo, cash and …stolen golf cart parts. Here in California we’re stealing Camry’s, Civics and Corvettes and chopping them up to send the parts around the world. In Florida they’re stealing golf carts and chopping them up to send them around the block. I understand that for many in Florida they are a necessity but here we pay more for mountain bikes than they do for a shopping cart with a battery and AM radio…even if the horn says…Aaoogah!
In many of those retirement communities your golf cart is your only link to the outside world so when 63 of them go missing within a couple of months, the old folks start to take notice. When you use a golf cart just to slide down the driveway to your mailbox, not having it around anymore seems like a crime so these old-timers are irate and asking for the death penalty. Now, while I believe if you live in one of those raisin ranch communities, you’re already on death row and just running through your appeals but if your golf cart is your only lifeline to the early bird dinner at Denny’s, I can see why they might be outraged.
But let’s get back to the alleged masterminds of this criminal enterprise as the questions mount. How did they think they wouldn’t be caught? The four arrested weigh about 112 each and look like they haven’t had a real meal since Christmas while every other old person around them looks they just waddled away from the table after polishing off a Grand Slam breakfast. They stood out like four meth addicts at a Santa Claus convention. In addition, I don’t believe illegal drug sales in a retirement community would be your ideal demographic as I can barely remember to take the drugs legally prescribed to me by a real doctor so how is some old guy supposed to remember that he’s out of meth? And why meth? I would think your target market would pay more dearly for blood pressure medication, nitroglycerin or the latest and greatest in stool softeners. Maybe they just watched a documentary on hiding in plain sight and thought, “That’s the ticket!” I just saw the mug shots of the four people arrested and I can promise you that none of them appears to be any threat to Einstein. Judging from the vacant stares on their fine police-produced portraits I would think they would have to form a committee just to spell, well…meth. And why do you decide to supplement your drug selling business with an illegal chop shop for golf carts? In a 55+ community in Florida I’m sure there’s a better market for hospital beds and tennis ball walkers. Granted, I guess they’re pretty easy to steal since most of them hardly even require a key. Even I can start any one I’ve ever seen in California with a paper clip. And how did they get away with it until now? Are they stealing them in the dead of night by disguising them as BBQs? Actually, during the day they could blend in with the rest of the shopping carts and strollers but it’s not your ideal getaway vehicle so you’d better be pretty sneaky since most of them don’t go faster than the speed of smell. I saw one in Florida once that was being tailed by a turtle and the golf cart driver kept waving his arm and screaming, “Go around!”
I’m sure within a couple of days they’re going to blame it all on the republicans for the cuts to Medicaid while the democrats shoot themselves in the feet again by calling for more stringent warning labels on golf carts.

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