I’m Freaking Out!

Donn James

It’s been a freaky week for reporters as they struggled to find another word to describe their redundancy but they need to know you don’t always need an adjective. In any case, you can’t have a freak accident because that is literally the definition of the damned word. An accident is “an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury” so it’s already freaky and you need to stop using it to describe something we already know is freaky and you can go back to using it when you talk about your friends.
While I am usually loathe finding humor in a tragedy, I can’t help it if funny is funny. “Freak” accident #1 this week involved a zookeeper and a tiger in the same cage. Isn’t that pretty much the recipe for an accident? In fact, I think that ventures from the language of accident and right into the realm of probable. This is a giant predator and if you go into his cage, you’d better be carrying a tub of meat that weighs more than you do because your stupid safari hat and those galoshes aren’t going to slow him down. If Siegfried and Roy taught us anything, it’s that tigers are hard to train. Being in the same cage as a tiger is as safe as swimming in the Nile because you just gave the crocodiles a bucket of KFC. “Freak” accident #2 featured a car accident in southern California and this automatically undercuts the word “freak.” We have 13 million people and 20 million cars around here and you can’t drive for more than 8 minutes without seeing some sort of an accident so the use of the term “freak accident” demeans us and makes you look stupid. So the fact that a trailer became unhinged, crossed into oncoming lanes and took out an SUV doesn’t make it freaky…around here it doesn’t even make it unusual for us. We’re supposed to be downsizing anyway…right?
I blame the drive for sensationalism on the media in their quest for more readers, viewers and advertising dollars and it’s all about the headline, trying to get you to read on, click like, make a comment etc. and all it has done is dumb this nation down so now we’re nearly as smart as a mushroom. If we were smarter with our words, we’d be smarter as a people. Just today the headline was “Trump Blasted as Reckless” and all someone did was call him reckless. You can’t blast someone with the word “reckless.” Even if we agree that he is reckless…and we probably do, it’s far too ambiguous a word to be blasted. That’s like me blasting you by calling you…tall. There are just too many gradations i.e. it is one thing to be reckless with your birth control but it’s probably not as bad as being reckless with your atomic bomb.
I blame euphemisms for the rise in these hyperbolic adjectives and I understand euphemisms because now anyone with an agenda tries to change the name every now and then in an effort to stay relevant. 40 years ago we had unusually hot spells, 20 years ago we had global warming and today we have climate change…same thing, different generation. In his lifetime my Grandpa went from being crippled to handicapped to physically challenged to differentially-abled yet he remained the same cranky old guy.
My last thought on choosing our words more carefully is that every time any sort of celebrity dies, someone will say they will be “Gone but not forgotten,” yet every year when I watch In Memorium during the Oscars, there are several times when I say, “Wow, I totally forgot he died”…so it’s not always working.

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