Let’s Confuse Everyone!

Donn James

I’m old, certainly older than most of you who stop doing nothing to read this weekly, but I’m not a senior citizen regardless of what the media and AARP tell me. I’m usually OK with political correctness and believe, on balance, it has improved our lives, made others more tolerable and helped generally clean up our act but I draw the line at the euphemistic language we have developed to describe people, events and acts of life. See, I’m not allowed to be old any more. According to the media, who goes out of their way to not offend anyone and by doing so ends up offending everyone, I have to be aging or a senior citizen, sexagenarian or a cagey veteran who brings a ‘wealth of experience’ to the party. Not only will the media not let me get old but now I can’t even die; I have to be fading, declining, perishing or vanishing until I pass over, expire, demise, decease or depart.
Over the last forty years or so, while I was not paying attention, as is often the case, someone decided to stop calling things by their real name as if we couldn’t handle the truth. I know it’s sometimes done to “soften the blow” or to make someone feel better about themselves but I really think it’s more for the speaker to feel better about themselves while saying something horrid about someone else. Just because you’ve reviewed your operational needs and have decided to downsize because of a work balance correction doesn’t mean somebody’s not getting fired and when that happens you’re not ‘between jobs’–you’re unemployed. And if you have a friend in the hospital and they experience a ‘negative patient outcome’—don’t expect a Christmas card from them this year.
My local health care professional, who just used to be my doctor, just had her house cleaned by a domestic engineer who gave all the trash to a sanitation technician who drove away in a waste disposal vehicle. All we’ve done this generation is gloss over the real word and used more words to confuse people. Perhaps it was just a simpler time when I was younger although I’ll remind you it wasn’t better, it was just different. TV only had three channels and I was the remote control for my parents so, when commanded, I had to walk across the room and use the pliers to change the channel and fiddle with the aluminum foil on the rabbit ears until the picture was clear. Now I have five hundred HD channels and still can’t find anything worth watching.
You might think it was a simpler time and maybe it was because we hadn’t yet made up words that masked the truth to the extent we have today. The suit I was wearing didn’t just ‘fall off a truck’—it was stolen and we weren’t experiencing a ‘negative cash flow’—we were broke. And we didn’t know a lot of the things we experienced are now called diseases. We didn’t have attention deficit disorder when I was young…we were just jerks, and we weren’t mentally challenged, we were just stupid and our dads didn’t have acid reflux…they had gas and you were safer in another room. Grandpa didn’t have Alzheimer’s fifty years ago, he was just losing it. Nothing was ‘pre-owned’—it was USED and your uncle wasn’t ‘motivationally deficient’—he was just lazy.
And now if you’ll excuse me, even though I’m considered ‘mature’ and becoming a ‘little thin on top,’ I’m not ready to take a ‘dirt nap’ so I’m off to find an ‘adult beverage’ as soon as I ‘powder my nose.’

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About IMC

IMC is a prime manufacturer and supplier of products to the promotional products industry. We sell only to qualified promotional products distributors. ASI supplier, PPAI supplier. Our lines include our own IMC lines and 26 branded lines.
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