Is Everyone Downsizing?

Donn James

Donn James

Having survived through several generations now I often have to remind the old or inform the young that the ‘good old days’ were not that good, they were just old but that doesn’t mean I’m above sharing data with you about then and now. For instance, many will not believe me when I tell you a Snickers bar used to cost a nickel and it was so big you almost needed your red wagon to get it home from the store and even as I write this I’m realizing the biggest change from then to now is size-related. The Snickers bar you once needed a forklift to get off the ground is now two bucks and resembles a half-eaten #2 pencil. But hey, I make more than $.64 an hour now so I don’t mind the price increase as much as their blatant attempts to trick me because they’ve come out with “mini” Snickers just to try and trick me into accepting their new version of ‘full-size.’ And this resizing phenomenon is spreading to the frozen food section because the new family-size box of macaroni and cheese is fine if your family is…you.
Another bait and switch tactic currently being embraced by the restaurant industry in an effort to charge us more is to bring your food out on a wood plank. Maybe they’re trying to convince me that if they bring my salmon on a cedar plank I’ll feel like I’m camping but I just feel like I’m eating at Home Depot. And now there’s an increasing trend to bring out bread in a miniature loaf on a wood cutting board with a knife so now I have bread with…“some assembly required.” I either have to slice it or tear off a chunk like I ‘m doing my Henry VIII impression. But I’m not sure this is even a bad change because you used to get a wicker basket and it held a bunch of rolls wrapped inside a cloth napkin someone had probably sneezed in yesterday. I do remember going to Italian restaurants years ago and having breadsticks so hard you could use them to carve your initials in the table. I think these were made with flour left over from the invasion of Normandy but they had the appearance of being free so we just gnawed on them like beavers building a dam. But that was then and this is now…then dinner was about $4 and my Mom had us steal all the ketchup packets we could find and now I’m paying $56 for a lamb chop the size of an apostrophe and I have to slice my own artisan rye, rosemary, pumpernickel, sourdough loaf.
Nowhere are size-related changes more apparent than in the electronics industry and oddly, in reality, prices have gone down. That 70” flat screen above the fireplace now, when adjusted for inflation, is less expensive than the 19” tube model you had in the corner of the living room in 1973. Of course, then you had to get up and walk to it to change to one of the other 3 channels but most of us counted that as exercise. Computers used to sit on raised floors and took up the entire basement of many college buildings and now I have 100 times the power of those computers in my cell phone and it fits easily into the pocket of my jeans where it easily misdials friends, plays music and destroys sperm cells. Ahhh progress.

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About IMC

IMC is a prime manufacturer and supplier of products to the promotional products industry. We sell only to qualified promotional products distributors. ASI supplier, PPAI supplier. Our lines include our own IMC lines and 26 branded lines.
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