Relax, It’s Not the Apocalypse.

Donn James

Donn James

While I’m doing my best to not talk politics, this particular jaunt down constitution lane is increasingly onerous so I am doing the same thing everyone else is doing and that is unfriending everyone on Facebook who disagrees with me…and that seems fair. While I won’t talk politics, I can talk about the process now that the debates are over. I just realized I watched every minute of all four debates but I can’t figure out if that makes me the world’s greatest American…or a damned idiot. What I do know is that, at 90 minutes a crack, it’s 360 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.
It’s not important on which side of the fence I rest my cheeks or that I did hear some rhetoric I liked more from one side or the other, I’m still waiting to hear a coherent, cogent plan that doesn’t make me want to burn my wallet in protest. Both sides are talking about numbers in the trillions that no sane person can comprehend and the only thing that is abundantly clear is that they can’t comprehend them either. I am just so tired of one guy who used education and medical deferments to not join the military tell me what they’re doing wrong while some lady who hasn’t walked into a grocery store in 30 years tells me I have to have a budget as if an increase in the price of Lunchables affects her. In fact, the only thing I have in common with the government is that every month I use the money I’ve saved to pay a bill to pay a bill from someone else.
I think we’ve all learned our two candidates for the Lotto prize don’t care for each other very much but their bickering and sniping is, at best unseemly and at worst, embarrassing. It’s like watching an episode of Bewitched when Agnes Morehead would badmouth either of the two Darrens. I kept waiting for Hillary to throw a martini at the Donald. Wait, I just thought of a better example. There was an episode of the Andy Griffith Show where Aunt Bea and Andy were arguing because Opie wanted to know how babies were made and Aunt Bea thought it was time and Andy wasn’t ready to give the ‘birds and bees’ talk. Opie had seen a couple of dogs and Opie thought one of them was just giving the other one a piggyback ride, so Aunt Bea thought it was about time to set Opie straight while Andy was willing to let the piggyback story run for a while. Aunt Bea finally talked Andy into it and then she went inside to bake a pie. If you just changed a word here and there, you’d have our two candidates arguing about Roe v Wade. Of course, that would make the rest of America….Opie. What makes it an even better example is that if you think either of our two vice presidential candidates are not Barney Fife, you probably still think evolution is a government conspiracy. And to show that I support the 2nd Amendment, I would let those two buy as many guns as they wanted…I just wouldn’t let them buy any bullets. If any of you are too young to understand the dated TV references, think Mike & Molly but without the beautiful people.
So, we’re at 19 days and counting and I encourage you to exercise your right and vote for one of these two…Andy or Aunt Bea. And you need to vote for one of the two although you may see other names on your ballet. But the others like Gary Johnson or Jill Stein are like the supporting cast on The Simpsons…amusing but not to be taken seriously.

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