Act Like Adults is Just a Suggestion

Donn James

Donn James

I find it only equitable that I do my best to make the other half of you mad this week. Thankfully, for all concerned both conventions are mercifully over and we can get to the serious stuff like TV ads where you lie about each other. Your tax dollars at work. This week there were no weird salutes but if last week’s elephant race through Cleveland was a circus, Philadelphia was a giant petting zoo…and there were too many donkeys to count. Well, Bernie supporters played their version of If we don’t get our way, we’ll just take our ball and go home but other than that it was really kind of tame.
I think we can all agree that this week’s tenor was kinder and gentler as the speakers seemed to just wander around patting each other on the back. They were so syrupy sweet, nice and complimentary to everyone, except the Donald of course, that I nodded off during almost every speech because my blood sugar was all screwed up. And even the barbs directed at the other party were more lighthearted and tongue in cheek but that’s probably because they’re trying to portray him as a cartoon figure, so much so I fully expected someone to call him SpongeBob. I do think the Dems broke the record for “aw shucks” and “golly gee” this week as we were regaled with everyone’s life story of being born a poor child, struggling through school while working part time at a lemonade stand built by illegal immigrants. I can barely listen to my own life story so I don’t understand why they think I want to hear about theirs.
According to the professionals, this week’s crowd misspoke, misinterpreted and lied about as much as last week’s crowd so I’m pretty sure this group thinks we’re all idiots also. What the Democrats did was show more videos, probably because they learned we had had enough “speechifying” to quote Jed Clampett. I suspect the best thing Democrats could say following the close of the convention was, “We had Katy Perry and you didn’t.”
Without regard for my particular political bend, I will jump on my soapbox for a moment and tell you I’m a big fan of women. I am married to a woman so much better than I in far too many ways to count and I’ve never done anything that some woman couldn’t do better. There are women much smarter than I and I’ve known female golfers, writers, business people, soccer and softball players better than I but you must band together because you will never be equal unless you stop these bozos from describing your outfits. I’m watching the convention and I can see her pantsuit is white and Chelsea’s dress is red. Do you think I’m blind? When I walk into a room, “I don’t hear anyone whispering, “He’s resplendent in T-shirt, Bermuda shorts and untied tennis shoes.” When Trump walked on stage last week no announcer commented, “He’s wearing a suit nobody else can afford.” I may be wrong and I usually am but isn’t this just another example of the sexism we’re trying to bury? Now, all of you get in your minivans and change this.
The conventions are over and we will find ourselves subjected to 90-some days of political ads telling us what they want us to hear in order to capture our vote but the first law we need to change is the one that says if you’re declared mentally incompetent (crazy) you’re not allowed to vote but…you’re still allowed to run for office…proving there are still a few bugs in the system.

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