Is This News Nightly?

Donn James

Donn James

I ranted a few weeks ago about hyperbole and intimated it was the youth of the world who were at fault because they had nothing amazing ever happen to them so they thought everything was amazing. Now, while the youth are moronic and grossly uninformed, last night I discovered they are not the root of the problem. I am now convinced the blame lies with the media as I had occasion to watch the nightly news…only because I couldn’t find the remote to change the channel. Like many of you, I don’t watch the nightly news because some years ago in an effort to maximize profits they stopped reporting hard news and turned to puff pieces as if we needed to know the different butt sizes of the Kardashian sisters.
Years ago one of the popular nightly news anchors began the news with the lead, “Here’s what happened today” but these days we have computers, phones and tablets so unless it happened a minute before he started to talk, chances are we’ve caught wind of it. So now they give us Pablum in an effort to appease advertisers and they take hyperbole to a level never before attained in a whorish effort to hold their market share.
Last night there was a chase on one of our freeways and while far too many of you enjoy a good police chase, at the end of it there was a standoff so it caused them to halt traffic on that freeway for several hours. In the space of one minute I heard that the people on the freeway were paralyzed, stranded and trapped. I’m watching the whole thing on TV from the view of the helicopters overhead and I saw no wheelchairs or iron lungs so I question their word selection. The air was full of news and police helicopters but if people were really trapped, wouldn’t there have been a Red Cross helicopter dropping emergency rations of Charmin’ and big wheels of cheese? People were out of their cars and milling around but a bunch of them didn’t take off their clothes and arrange them to spell “HELP” so I think the news invented a new meaning for stranded.
The next ‘hard news’ story involved a nude man “terrorizing” a neighborhood. He’s nude people, how worried are you? Call me when he puts on a gas mask and straps on a flamethrower. The last story before the first wave of commercials was that the lighted Ferris wheel on the Santa Monica pier would have their lights off for a month while they changed the bulbs. A low-flying seagull might need to know that but why is that news to me?
After a deluge of commercials the news came back with a story about a man who tried to steal a python from a pet store by stuffing it down his pants. This could be an amazing life lesson for the youth but they don’t watch the news so they’ll never know this is why criminals get caught. If this guy had stayed in school, probably in some class like remedial math, he would have learned that down the pants was probably not the place to put something that is only dangerous when it gets a chance to coil around something. The final story was about some alligator out for a stroll and it definitively proved the media’s effort to lie to us and the network’s unwillingness to vet the stories. The ‘gator was at the front door of a house and it was trying to climb up toward the doorbell and the talking head actually tried to make us believe it was trying to ring the doorbell. Maybe be believed it himself but that’s no excuse for trying to con us. Everybody knows that alligators don’t know what a doorbell is, just like they don’t answer telephones. If you leave them alone long enough they will make toast…but that’s it.

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