Speed Bumps? No Problem.

Donn James

Donn James

So I skipped last week’s episode because while I was in the office last week, I found myself resting comfortably on the floor, waiting for the paramedics while all the Mother Hens in the office hovered over me…using up my oxygen. They want to do everything they can for me unless it involves leaving me alone. I am thankful for their concern although some seemed more sincere than others. I do not get sick a lot but, when I do, I’m always at the office so I think I’m beginning to zoom in on the problem. I have a tummy ache so unless we have to change where we buy our bagels, the people must be the problem…right? It’s only curious that everyone else is always whining about their imagined illnesses but I’m the guy riding in the ambulance.
The paramedics were wonderful in that they were able to get my coworkers to leave me alone but the ambulance ride made me feel like I was riding a zip line in Machu Picchu. I’m convinced they only slow down for lights because they’re worried about hurting themselves because they certainly don’t slow down for speed bumps and when you’re stomach hurts, every jolt takes the pain level somewhere between a contraction and a shotgun.
It was nice when we got to the hospital because I learned if you arrive by ambulance, you go right to the head of the line. This was great because the Emergency Room looked like it belonged in downtown Kabul. I felt like I was in the crowd in front of Walmart at 5:00AM on Black Friday. The hospital was very nice and they seemed caring but the first person I saw seemed to be more interested in seeing my insurance card than hearing about my symptoms. It’s a little problem with our insurance system when you’re more concerned with a patient’s ability to pay than they are when your blood pressure goes from normal to…missing.
When I was assigned a room it was in the upper floor which gave me relief because I knew the people driving by on the streets below couldn’t accurately gauge the height angle when they fired their weapons so I felt pretty safe…except for all the sick people. That’s the difference between now and the old days. Doctors used to make house calls where the doctor would visit you so you weren’t around sick people and now, you’re mixed in with everybody like it’s lunchtime at the prison and the guy walking down the hall with his butt hanging out could be passing out typhoid like it was Halloween candy.
The most distressing thing I learned is that if you have a stomach problem…you can’t eat or drink, and when they find out what your stomach problem is…you can’t eat or drink. They gave me ice chips every few hours like they were the master doling out soup to Oliver Twist. I typically don’t like to go an hour without food and now I’m existing on ice chips the size of Tic Tacs which, as nutritional value, rank just below dirt. In addition, I now had tubes running from veins in both hands and both arms and I’m thinking…if I had had someone’s arm up my keester to move my lips…I could be a puppet.

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IMC is a prime manufacturer and supplier of products to the promotional products industry. We sell only to qualified promotional products distributors. ASI supplier, PPAI supplier. Our lines include our own IMC lines and 26 branded lines.
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