Are You Participating?

Donn James

Donn James

Many people have asked why the younger generation is such an entitled, whiny bunch of elitist slugs and nobody seems to be able to point to a definitive reason as to why their 30-year old adult child still lives with them. As you all know, parents are loathe to blame themselves and are more likely to site global warming, aliens, vaccines or pesticides as the reason there’s this lump on their couch…and a hole in their wallet. Parents…you gave this and future generations something they’d never had before and I’m not talking about the cell phone or that sixth toe. You gave a gift so heinous it has scarred the youth and the country for generations to come and while we hoped it was something simple and curable like the plague; it was not to be. Your generation fostered upon us…the participation trophy. You unleashed this wave of mediocrity upon society. So stop complaining about the extra loads of laundry because you did all the work for their laundry merit badge. You’ve essentially rewarded your offspring for staying conscious and walking upright.
I’m not sure when it started or which Band of Mothers was behind this onslaught. But when we began giving trophies for “just showing up” we began this descent into the hell that has spawned this entitlement. So stop blaming society. You’re the one with a garage full of participation trophies. In a misguided effort to not damage a child’s self-esteem, you destroyed their self-esteem. In an effort to give every child credit, you gave no child credit. In an effort to leave no child behind, you left all children behind. We’ll do anything not to call someone a loser and I’m fine with that but the reality is, if you come in second place you’re really only the best loser. Now, I don’t like to see a lion gnawing on a gazelle but let’s face it…the lion won, and the gazelle isn’t going to feel any better if you stick a participation trophy on its horns. Here’s the deal…I don’t care if it’s athletics, academics or who can burp the alphabet; within five minutes of a meeting, practice or drinking a root beer really fast, your child knows who the smartest kid is, who the best athlete is and who can belch to Q. Stop treating them like idiots. They also know if they’re bad and need to work harder but you’ve destroyed the incentive because everyone gets a trophy. The only people that don’t know their kids are not the best are the parents. Your kid knows. What’s exasperating for us is that we’ve watched you treat your children like idiots and now you’re surprised that some of them are well, idiots. Even at my age, if I know I’m getting ice cream even if I don’t clean my room; pretty soon you’re going to be knee deep in sox and boxer shorts.
The participation trophy has given way to kids wanting to be rewarded for finishing a book, an allowance for opening the back door so the dog can pee, and a prize for successfully learning how to use a fork. I would be in favor of abolishing all trophies as I believe the feelings of winning and losing are paramount for a healthy mind and body but are decided by the contest, not by a team banquet. But until I can get my plan in place, you’ve got to get those kids out of your house so here’s how you do it. Cancel the internet and they’ll be gone in twenty minutes.

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IMC is a prime manufacturer and supplier of products to the promotional products industry. We sell only to qualified promotional products distributors. ASI supplier, PPAI supplier. Our lines include our own IMC lines and 26 branded lines.
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