Thanks, But I’m Full

Donn James

Donn James

While I am happy everyone survived the 4th, I was none the less disturbed by some events taking place around the country under the guise of patriotism. Folks…you can’t just hang a flag in the background of your event and call yourselves patriots.
I bore witness to an event on the 4th so heinous as to signal the impending destruction of our society and I fully expect when historians look back millions of years from now, instead of calling this era Homo Erectus as we believe, this era will be called, Homo Idiotus? This event is the reason aliens fly by and don’t even pull into Earth to stop at 7-11 for snacks. Where alien moms yell at dads, “Don’t stop there! We have children in the spaceship!” Where 3rd world countries openly gape at us and think, “How’d they get to be a world power?”  I am, of course, talking about Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest. We clearly have found the bottom of the barrel. Just because hot dogs can be a staple for many on the 4th doesn’t mean shoving 61 of them down your throat in 10 minutes qualifies you for a merit badge in patriotism. It’s like someone was sitting around thinking, “Health care is calming down so how can we embarrass ourselves even more?” This event is so crass it makes wrestling look legitimate. And they televised it on ESPN as if it were a sport. When did stuffing yourself with mysterious and undefined parts of a cow become a sport? Did I miss the memo? Just because the governing body of eaters is called Major League Eating doesn’t make it a sport. ESPN needs to stop trying to be a slick travel guide for families with helicopter pads on their yachts and focus on bringing us real sports. It just doesn’t take that much eye-hand coordination to shove some mystery meat down your gullet. And now they’ve made it easy because you can soak the buns in water. That just makes it like the paste we all ate in Kindergarten. Eating a wet hot dog bun is like eating a roll of wet toilet paper. Without the flavor. You might as well be a vegetarian.
They actually talked to some of the contestants about their…training regimen…their words, not mine because I couldn’t say it with a straight face but it’s apparently quite comprehensive. They eat, then eat some more, then eat some more but when real athletes talk about hitting the wall and breaking through it, these eaters are talking about their colon. There were even spectators at the event but I think they were just like some hockey fans that want to see fights and these people just wanted to see someone throw up. I really don’t understand the time thing. I’m constantly harangued for eating slowly anyway but I don’t the need for a speed element in the contest. They’ve turned it into the 100-yard dash of eating and I couldn’t eat 61 M&Ms in 10 minutes and the damned things melt in your mouth.
This is the sort of crap we need to nip in the bud because the guy who won is some sort of eating legend…his mother must be so proud. I can only imagine three old ladies sitting around the lounge of their retirement home talking about their prized offspring…the doctor, the lawyer…the eater???  Well, he proposed to his girlfriend at the event and she is also a competitive eater so I guess it was kismet. Of course, even having a “Women’s Division” means that idiocy is not gender biased. I just don’t think we can afford a generation of competitive eaters giving birth to another generation of competitive eaters. Pretty soon we’ll have kids crawling around in the sand box betting on who can eat the most dirt in 10 minutes. It will spread like the E-coli virus of stupidity.

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IMC is a prime manufacturer and supplier of products to the promotional products industry. We sell only to qualified promotional products distributors. ASI supplier, PPAI supplier. Our lines include our own IMC lines and 26 branded lines.
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