Have A Nice Day

Donn James

Donn James

So, yesterday I was off doing my civic duty and while I don’t like jury duty any more or less than the guy dressed like Ronald McDonald sitting next to me, I don’t need to be dragged to the courthouse every year or so.  It seems like little enough to do for the freedoms we’re supposed to have.  Now I was just one of 200 cattle herded into a room the size of my closet, praying my name wouldn’t be called.  Because I was stuck there for the day, the easiest way for me to recount this is chronologically.
8:00AM:  I’m standing in line to sign in with 199 other lucky souls and some lady is coughing on my neck and I hear sniffing and sneezing from others and I think, I’m in the world’s largest emergency room.  Am I being poisoned?  Maybe they’re trying to kill us 200 at a time.  If they do that every day it wouldn’t take very long to get that pesky population problem under control.  What’s worse is that I look around the room and realize nobody might even know we’re gone.  I figure I’m the smartest guy in the room and even I know I’m dispensable.  Even sadder, as I looked around the room I couldn’t help thinking, if these people are my peers; I really have no reason for living.  And just my luck…my hazmat suit is at the cleaners.
8:15AM:  I’ve filled out my form and clipped my JUROR badge to my shirt and at this point I’m just looking for a chair where the people on either side of me don’t have open sores or aren’t drooling like St Bernards.  I just want to read the paper without catching hepatitis.  Apparently the term Business Casual is still open for interpretation because the only other places you might see this many people in flip-flops and sweatpants is at a frat party…or when you’re standing in line to get free soup.  Because if they’re character witnesses for the defense…the verdict is guilty.
8:30AM:  The judge comes in to tell us how much he appreciates us being there, how important our job is and how he knows what a hardship it is because he had to take his kids to school today.  When he said that I think we were all fantasizing about what we would do to him if we could have smuggled a weapon past security.
8:45AM:  Glancing around I again notice there is no one in the room I want to be around when the big one hits, so I head for the cafeteria.  This way I can sit at a table and ignore people by pretending to be deaf if someone wants to talk.
10:00AM:  Thankfully, nothing has happened and it’s time for our morning break which is just in time because I’m so tired of doing nothing, I look forward to doing more of nothing.
11:30AM:  Just in time because now I can do nothing and eat while I’m doing it.  I love the cafeteria at the courthouse because they serve what is clearly prison food and it looks like it’s staffed by prison inmates who got the job as a reward for good behavior like the guys in Shawshank Redemption who got to tar the roof.  The lunch break is an hour and a half so there’s plenty of time to eat and throw up before we go back at 1:00.  They actually have the nerve to call it a bistro but I’m pretty sure that’s not what they call it on Cell Block D.
1:00PM:    We’re back and they’ve alerted us to stay within paging distance because they’re preparing a panel of jurors to be called so I’m spending my time trying to come up with excuses a judge might fall for.
2:00PM:  Our hippie juror (believe me, there’s always one in the crowd) has begun doing yoga on the grass in the courtyard.  He’s got his earbuds in and he’s probably listening to Yanni…or Simon & Garfunkel and he’s doing what I think is called, downward facing giraffe, thankfully facing the cafeteria.
2:15PM:  Yoga boy is doing some kind of a reclined, intertwined, pretzel-like thing I think they call the dead flamingo.  He has sweated through his T-shirt and the flowers in his hair are beginning to wilt.
2:30PM:  Yoga boy is done.  He has pulled his legs out from behind his head, picked up his shoes, juror badge and gone off to foul the air somewhere.
2:45PM:  The loudspeaker has just called us all back to the jury room and a collective groan was heard all through the county.  This is rarely good news so it was no surprise that we lined up to enter the jury room like we were beginning the Bataan Death March.
2:50PM:  They announced the panel was not needed and we were free to go.  My opinion is that the defendants and plaintiffs saw us and said to their lawyers…”we’ll cop a plea; we’re not betting our lives on that crowd.”  The collective groan expected turned into a resounding cheer.  200 people, alike only in location, raced for the exits but not before yoga boy hugged me and Ronald McDonald gave me a high-five.  So I’ll probably need a tetanus shot.

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IMC is a prime manufacturer and supplier of products to the promotional products industry. We sell only to qualified promotional products distributors. ASI supplier, PPAI supplier. Our lines include our own IMC lines and 26 branded lines.
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