Can I Help You Look?

Donn James

Donn James

I have a few questions today and while some may appear rhetorical in nature, I can assure you I am looking for answers so any insight shared would be welcomed.
Who decided American Idol was a tradition?  And why isn’t this subject to the truth in advertising laws?  After all, I’ve gone from a time of no seat belts or bicycle helmets to an age where you have to list the nutritional ingredients on a bottle of water, yet we allow outlandish falsehoods like this to go unquestioned.  Turkey for Thanksgiving is a tradition.  Electing the lesser of two evils every four years is a tradition.  Fighting over “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance is a tradition.  Compared to those, American Idol is a bag of burned popcorn at a midnight screening of Jack & Jill.
Why are all the panhandlers I encounter dressed better than I?  And when they leave, why are they riding away on a nicer bike or in a nicer car than I own?  That lady, whose sign says she needs to fill a prescription for her sick child, is stuffing every dollar she gets into a Gucci purse.  I might as well send 5 bucks to Warren Buffett.  And why do I always see a “Help Wanted” sign within 100 feet of their staked-out location?  Do they really just like being self-employed?  I miss the days when the signs at least lied to me and said, “Will work for food.”  Now they’re more entitled than your local congressman.
Why am I too often asked to find something I had no hand in losing?  At the office or at home I am occasionally asked to locate something I’ve never seen, wouldn’t recognize if I had seen, and it’s loss…or find is not going to appreciably alter my day.  I pretend and perform this task with faux gusto even though I might as well be searching for the Ark of the Covenant.  I have searched for earrings and necklaces on soccer fields that even a bum at the beach with a metal detector couldn’t find.
How did software get so easy?  I mean I understand the need since most of us trying to write a letter or work in a spreadsheet didn’t pay attention in school, or it hadn’t been invented when we were in school but it seems the advances are leaps and bounds ahead of important things like finding a cure for most any disease.  I was considered reasonably expert in Excel back in the day when you had to write some code and enclose your cells in about 5 punctuation marks just to get your formulas to work.  Nowadays, you can give an orangutan a bunch of grapes and he’ll produce an Excel file explaining the gross national product of Denmark.
I’ve been thinking about my will lately and not because my bottle cap or matchbook collections have significantly increased in value.  And I’m not positive, but it seems that every day people come to the end of their time and I don’t know why some people choose to celebrate the day with a bumper sticker.  I just don’t think Grandma is looking down, or up, and smiling at you because you’ve chosen to tell everyone she’s dead with a decal in the back window of your ’87 pick-up.  Was it just cheaper than putting an obit in the newspaper?
Don’t you think penguins could hide better from polar bears if they painted themselves white?  All other animals on planet Earth have seemed to adapt to their environment so you can barely see them until they attack you but these bozos are waddling around in tuxedos like they’re auditioning for The Great Gatsby.  They’d be nearly invisible if they just slipped into white dinner jackets.

It’s not really that different in business.  We expect you to have questions and IMC will have an answer for you.  While we try to give as many details as we can on, and in, our website and catalog, sometimes you need to hear a live voice and our customer service department is here for you.  We know our products and what we can do with them and how you can use or market them.  We also know our products are here to support your event and we’ll be honest about what we can do in terms of pricing, decoration and shipping so you can make your client happy.  IMC has thousands of products to make you look and feel good and we campaign to continuously bring new brands and decorating options to the promotional product industry.  These brands and options are developed with an eye toward the latest trends so we can continue to offer a wide realm of choices and options in both traditional and unusual promotional product categories.  And we deal with some great distributors who have seen our finished product and are sharp enough to bring these new and exciting products to their clients.  So we are always happy to offer ideas, suggestions and case histories to help you present the items to your client.  IMC is a recognized leader in the introduction of new retail brands to the promotional product industry and has multiple design awards from both ASI and PPAI.  Our in-house family of decorators will turn your selection into a winner that will enhance your end-user’s event or ceremony.  And IMC will take your order, deliver it on time, and on budget.  We treat every order with a practiced professionalism so the things that happen will be what you expect from an award-winning supplier.  As well as continuously expanding the available product in our 6 Collections, IMC continues our industry-leading practice of bringing new retail brands to the promotional products industry.  Since introducing Waterford® Writing Instruments and MoMA years ago, IMC has presented more than 30 retail brands from global suppliers to enhance the selections you can offer your clients.  These include world renowned designers like Troika and the unique offerings from Blue Square and Treasure It.  And take a look at our newest retail brand Filter2Go because it’s great for summer promotions.  We invite you to browse any of our 2,450+ products on the NEW IMC website to see items suitable for any occasion or event and pieces you can use to personalize your relationship with your clients.  We have promotional products for every event, show, convention, corporate store and company program that will keep your client looking to you for new ideas.  What do you think?  Let us know with a comment here or on Facebook or Twitter.  IMC wants to know…do you have any questions?


About IMC

IMC is a prime manufacturer and supplier of products to the promotional products industry. We sell only to qualified promotional products distributors. ASI supplier, PPAI supplier. Our lines include our own IMC lines and 26 branded lines.
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