Isn’t I Short Enough?

Donn James

Those of a certain age have grown up with some pretty familiar abbreviations such as IBM, USMC, AA and BFD, but the trend has burgeoned exponentially in the recent past and we find this generation trying to find a way to abbreviate the word I.  Now, I’m rarely called a businessman and that said it should be no surprise that the thought of opening a new business is far too daunting for me, though I applaud all those willing to make the effort.  Those currently involved in businesses are constantly given new hills to climb, hoops to jump through and regulations to impose while just the thought of meeting with health insurance providers would send me to the Emergency Room.  The point is now there is a new consideration owing to the communication habits of the current generation.  That is the choosing of your new business name.  With all the pads, tablets and phones, these new abbreviations for texting and email are now arguably a way of life and we are finding most thoughts converted to a few letters with some sort of super-secret code, often unknown to other generations.  So, it is more important than ever to carefully choose your business name.  Forty years ago you could open “Wally’s Turf & Flowers” but this generation would now interpret it as WTF, which I’m told has an entirely different meaning.  And the guy who owns “Paul’s Office Supplies” really should know that will turn into POS and he had better know what that means, though the lady behind “Olive’s Medical Gurneys” might be fine with OMG…since most of her clients could be visiting St. Peter soon.  The point is that while you may be used to vetting employees, distributors or suppliers, now you have to consider vetting your name to ensure this generation can say good things about you that won’t be misconstrued by others.  Let’s say your passion is needlepointing water bottles and staplers…OK, there may be some inherent design flaws already but if you compound it with the name “Lulu Mays Artistic Offerings” your reputation may suffer even more if it’s texted as LMAO.  And if your check engine light is on, you might be SOL if you go to “Sandy’s Oil & Lube” and find it closed.  BTW, if you read this and ROTFL I’ll be your BFF unless that is TMI.  THX.

It’s not really that different in business.  As a distributor, you want your supplier to be as clear as possible so you’re not surprised by the invoice and you don’t have to surprise your client.  IMC will SPELL everything out and answer any question you might have.  No surprises because not all surprises are good.  There’s a big difference between a group of friends yelling surprise and the lion breaking out of its cage at the zoo, although both may induce a heart attack.  IMC invites you to look at any of our 2,300 products from our IMC Collections or retail brands like Finelife, Treasure It and Nina Ricci.  You’ll get a firm price, decoration and estimated shipping that you can take to your client with confidence.  We have choices in most promotional product categories and we will do all we can to make you and your client happy.  So whatever your cause, event, launch or celebration, IMC has ideas and advice that will promote and support your client’s event.  With five IMC collections and twenty-eight retail brands, we have unique and quality products for all occasions and events, so you can always find something that fulfills your client’s needs.  And we’re always happy to offer ideas and provide case histories.  What do you think?  Let us know with a comment here or on Facebook or TwitterIMC wants to hear about your favorite anagram.


About IMC

IMC is a prime manufacturer and supplier of products to the promotional products industry. We sell only to qualified promotional products distributors. ASI supplier, PPAI supplier. Our lines include our own IMC lines and 26 branded lines.
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3 Responses to Isn’t I Short Enough?

  1. Courtney Thomas says:

    I’m always ISO ways to make life easier! These abbreviations help! IDK, maybe its becasue YOLO!

  2. Jeanne Sacklow says:

    Here’s a new one IMC = IT MAKES CENTS! (SENSE TOO). IMC will help any business increase their profits by bulding image and brand loyalty. Jeanne S. NYC.

  3. Kathy Huston says:

    LOL, IMC!

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