Sugar, Sugar ahh Honey, Honey

Donn James

Before everyone decries me for not being a romantic, please realize it’s now three days later and I finally feel like I’m descending from the sugar rush that has become Valentine’s Day.  In reality, most of our office staff has been bouncing off the walls like monkeys at the zoo or a kindergarten class.  Even yesterday I still could not read my own writing and that was while I was typing on my keyboard.  I thought I was typing the words Press Release and it came out looking like this…{43aa %wkrSDW.  Thankfully, I couldn’t locate the send button anyway.  Our offices were rife with cheesecake, cookies, cupcakes, candy and, of course, chocolate and more chocolate.  Not exactly the ideal food pyramid.  If the medical predictions are correct, all the dark chocolate I consumed will prevent my heart attack at least until the Cubs win the World Series.  So, how did it come to this since Chaucer plagued us with the holiday in one of his tales?  Even as a Hallmark Holiday it has evolved in such a way to now include an expectation of cards, flowers, gifts and, of course, chocolate.  That’s some pretty good PR.  And when did it expand from you and your significant other to include office functions, themed parties, schools and drinking games?  I also fail to see the connection with all the sales celebrating the day.  Maybe you can explain to me why a guy martyred 2000 years ago for marrying Christians lets me get 30% off a new dishwasher or a rebate from Kia.

It’s not really that different in business.  As a distributor you need to keep abreast of all the functions in your community, even those that may appear small in stature right now.  That little elementary school rally may grow up to be a national walk-a-thon.  Chili cook-offs have turned into TV series and the National Spelling Bee had to start somewhere.  Much of their growth is linked to advertising and promotion and anything you do to help in the beginning will pay dividends to you and the cause or function.  Count on IMC for ideas and advice that will promote and support the event.  With 5 IMC collections and twenty-eight retail brands, we have products for every event, so you can always find something that fulfills your client’s wishes.  And we’re always happy to offer ideas and provide case histories.  What do you think?  Let us know with a comment here or on Facebook or TwitterIMC wants to hear from you


About IMC

IMC is a prime manufacturer and supplier of products to the promotional products industry. We sell only to qualified promotional products distributors. ASI supplier, PPAI supplier. Our lines include our own IMC lines and 26 branded lines.
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