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For better or worse depending on your position, you are either celebrating or

Donn James

bemoaning the demise of the newspaper as you continue to freefall through the electronic age.  One thing I will not miss is the Letter to the Editor section.  My local is replete with whines about crime, traffic, clean water and dirty talk.  I wish they would just call it what it is…Your Chance to Vent.  Have you ever noticed that nobody ever writes in to complain about themselves?  It’s always a complaint about someone else, the size of your sewer pipes or the cellular tower transmitting messages from space that gave your cat cancer.  If you want to close the borders, open the pipeline, create a theocracy, destroy education, you have your forum.  You never see a letter that starts, “I’ve had my car up on blocks on the street for a month and I want someone to do something about it” or “I sped through that school zone at 50, narrowly missing 2 children, a small dog and the crossing guard (who uses a walker) and there was no policeman to give me a ticket.  Why are they all eating doughnuts when I need them?”  In electronic media we now have the comment’s section after every article but because it takes less time, they are even less intelligent than the paper version.  Not normally one to hark back to a simpler time, I do miss the 1700’s when you had to complain on the street corner and we could, at least, throw vegetables at you.

As a supplier or distributor you should know what your competitors are doing and what you think is good or bad but before you comment openly, you should hold yourself and your company up to a mirror and make sure you like what you see.  If you don’t, you should fix it using the time you would have spent complaining about the other guy or you could end up with a tomato in your ear.  What do you think?  IMC wants to hear it.  Leave a comment here or on Facebook or Twitter.



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