Deep (fried) Thoughts

Please hold your applause until after the Nobel presentations this year but I

Donn James

have the answer to the burgeoning (yes, that’s a pun) obesity problem in America.  As with the lap band and liposuction, the solution is drastic.  We must abolish all State Fairs.  Just walking among the food stations at your local fair is enough to cause cardiac arrest or drop you into a diabetic coma.  You don’t need the First Aid tent near the Ferris wheel because somebody just threw up over the side; you need it by the food court for the 78 year old guy trying to eat a deep-fried Jeep.  Here’s the basic Fair food premise…if it’s bad for you, deep-fry it, if it’s even worse, dip it in chocolate.  I know as I swelt my way through the animal pens, occasionally in temperatures hot enough to melt the logo on my shirt, besides silently thinking, “How many of the 4-H kids know the pet they’ve raised from birth is going to be cooling in someone’s meat locker before they have a chance to hang the blue ribbon on their bedroom wall,” I’m wondering how close I am to the nearest deep-fried corn dog dipped in chocolate.  I did have to go to the Baked Goods pavilion because my friend entered her apple pie into the competition and I saw that she came in 2nd.  Kudos for that but I contend she was just one deep fryer away from the blue ribbon.  Want more irony?  The county fair out here has pig races and they’re cute and entertaining for about a minute but the best thing was that you could bet on them and if your little oinker won, you got a coupon to take to your local store to redeem for …you guessed it…a pound of bacon.  And while I consider bacon one of the basic food groups, I don’t want it dipped in chocolate.  It’s not a race to see whether my blood sugar or cholesterol explodes first.

As a supplier or distributor you offer products that speak for themselves and while you can educate your user with themes, uses, case histories and the like, the product is the product and the best thing you can do is explain why it works with this theme or event or another product.  You can’t dip it into chocolate.  Although deep-fried keyholders may be the hit at next summer’s State Fairs.  What do you think?  IMC wants to hear it.  Leave a comment here or on Facebook or Twitter.


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One Response to Deep (fried) Thoughts

  1. Barry says:

    Apparently you haven’t tried the chocolate candy bar with bacon bits in it…surprisingly good-to-nauseating!
    You saved me a trip the the Orange County Fair, thank you!

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