Yes, karma is still a …

Never having been one to give much credence to karma, I have begun re-examining my stance on the

Donn James

subject.  I spent last week whining about the cost to remove my dog’s gallstones and just after midnight I awoke with what I assumed was a knife penetrating my organs.  I felt like the extra that is always killed first in every Halloween movie.  Sadly, because I probably deserved it and it would make a better story, my dog was not holding the knife but I was experiencing a kidney stone.  At that point, I would have sold my house, a number of my children, certainly all my nieces and nephews or my other kidney for relief from the pain.  Quick note…if you’ve never experienced one, you’re not missing anything so you can take it off your Bucket List.  Guys, picture being dragged by your eyelids behind the Amtrak from Salinas to Sacramento.  Ladies, imagine birthing an artichoke the size of a Pilates ball.  It’s worse than that but at least you both have a frame of reference.   As I laid there in a cold sweat trying to pull my knees up to my ears to ease the pain, I began to wonder if I had any leftover valium…or maybe I still had some morphine left from the war.  As a reasonably rational human when not engulfed in agony, I choose to believe God, in his/her infinite wisdom, has better things to do than play impractical jokes on me.  And for those of you thinking everything happens for a reason, well…you’re wrong.  Most things just happen.  Want proof?  If reason entered into it, Elizabeth Taylor and Charlie Sheen would be in opposite places.  ‘Nuff said.  Though convinced I’m right, I am hedging my bets with these two rules:

  1. No more complaining about the dog.
  2. Just in case it’s contagious, the dog now sleeps on the floor.

What can we learn from this?  In this socially-connected world, anything you put in cyberspace is there forever and comments, reviews, complaints can define your business outcome.  So follow your comments, tweets, posts and respond quickly to all positive views, but respond even quicker to anything negative.  Responding quickly with great customer service and a resolution can keep a customer for life.

If you have a great kidney stone story or other humorous organ damage anecdote, IMC wants to hear it.  Leave a comment here or on Facebook or Twitter.


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IMC is a prime manufacturer and supplier of products to the promotional products industry. We sell only to qualified promotional products distributors. ASI supplier, PPAI supplier. Our lines include our own IMC lines and 26 branded lines.
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