Throw a Little Light on the Subject

It’s not enough that my sanity is routinely called into question but now people are taking to the road

Donn James

to drive me crazy.  If you own or operate a vehicle that has more lights than the manufacturer saw fit to install, stop it right now and get off the road.  When I’m behind you and you brake, I don’t need to see the back end of your truck smiling at me.  I also don’t need your brake lights configured to spell out the word STOP as if the concept and meaning of the color red were too difficult for me to understand.  And what’s with the undercarriage light bar?  They may be fine for airplane aisles and movie theatres but who needs floor lighting at 50 miles per hour?  So do me a favor and kill the lights please because I’m tired of being passed by something resembling the foyer of the MGM Grand.  Thanks, I feel much better now.  But on a related subject, today is the Summer Solstice and it’s going to be in the 90s here, so do your neighbors and we passersby a favor and take down your Christmas lights already.  The nightly lighting that looks so pleasing in December just looks macabre and gruesome in June.  I know you probably don’t have a lot of spare time, what with the Home Shopping Network and Jersey Shore reruns but you are seriously annoying the majority of us.  And don’t think you’re fooling us with that deer in the front yard either.  I just saw your dog pee on it as I drove by.

I don’t want you to think I’m just complaining and not offering a solution.  So wheel that car/truck/monstrosity into the garage/carport/side street any time of the night and remove those lights you thought were “so cool” when you saw the infomercial.  IMC has several new shop lights from Finelife like

Finelife Cordless Power Light

Finelife Cordless Power Light

the one pictured here.  The head rotates 180 degrees and it comes with a hook so you can keep your hands free while you climb the ladder to remove that horrific Christmas lighting.  They are all battery-powered so they are great for the garage and camping…. or when the DWP turns off your power…. or if your bathroom is not connected to the big house.

What do you think? What’s irritating you?  Post a comment or your favorite pet peeve.


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One Response to Throw a Little Light on the Subject

  1. Very Funny, amd all true about the light. HAHAHA

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