It’s…Da Bomb!

OK, I will admit to reading the industry publications.  In general, they are replete with good articles

Donn James

and useful information and I will often re-post or mention a story, but my favorite section is the Letter from the Editor.  In this month’s Advantages, after thumbing through 71 pages of flyers, frisbees & foam fingers, I read the editorial by Kathy Huston, New Jersey’s answer to Monty Python.  She mentions her youngest many long years ago had thought he might be sick because his 2nd grade teacher had said everyone has a case of Spring Fever.  Mentioning this around the office a co-worker told me her 7-year-old had once asked her if he could watch the dog get neutered.  These reminded me of my 7-year-old nephew whom I will be visiting this weekend.  He fits comfortably into the worldwide recognized standard for boys:  25% tolerable, 25% intolerable, and 50% that can go either way in the splash of a water balloon.  He is kept active with swimming, baseball and soccer, likely in the hopes of tiring him out but lately has decided his future lies in invention, and he walks around the house with a notebook to make drawings and jot down random thoughts (for a 7-year-old are there any other kind?).  Tell me what you think of these gems:  Pants that unzip themselves, Pet toilet tissue, or my favorite…The big TV in the den should follow you around the house so you don’t have to watch small TVs.  If you’ve been out of the 7-year-old loop for a while you may have to jog some brain cells to remember how serious they can sound when they really want something.  Picture that as I tell you this week he asked his mother, “If I promise to be really careful, will you get me some dynamite?” So if you don’t hear from me on Monday, please call the police.  I post these thoughts to remind you that occasionally your clients ask questions, not unlike 7-year-old boys, and you have to say No.  Click on the link to this month’s Counselor and read about some great ways to say no.  Let me know what you think.  At IMC we want to hear about your favorite 7-year-old question (of any age).


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