National Backyard Games Week

The week prior to Memorial Day is National Backyard Games Week.  I assume they finally feel the sun

Donn James

has deigned to shine in all parts of the country and people are beginning to venture outside so we’d better celebrate something.  I started wondering if backyard games kindled memories of hilarity and horror for anyone else.  In my neighborhood, backyard games required a healthy dose of three things.  In no particular order of importance they were incompetence, ego and stupidity.  I suppose that is why someone often ended up with a horseshoe around their neck.  When parents declared horseshoes off limits, we turned to a supposedly tamer game…LAWN DARTS!  I can’t even count how many times that game ended with a trip to the emergency room to plug a hole in someone’s foot.  And yet I wonder why my shoes never fit properly.  And don’t even get me started on croquet.  Swinging the mallets like golf clubs, the sound of a window or ankle breaking could be heard around the block.  Net games were no different as just setting up the volleyball net was an invitation to a broken nose once the game started, thus quickly ending it with, as they say on CSI, copious blood flow.

IMC is still a supporter of backyard games but perhaps your clients are looking for less active

Grilled II

backyard pursuits and here are a couple of ideas.  Our Finelife Grilled II is a 12-piece BBQ set with an apron and all the tools needed for a great cookout once you return from the hospital.

Deluxe Garden Set

Should you wish to put even more distance between you and the testosterone and adrenaline-fueled crowd, and get in touch with Mother Earth, we’d like to suggest this garden set.  Tend to your flowers, herbs and vegetables with tools made to last many season.   Whatever your plans, we wish you a summer full of sunshine and selling.  Is your neighborhood anything like mine or do you have more summer selling suggestions (say that fast three times)?  Comments always welcome.


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