Where are my pants?

Donn James

Today is No Pants Day and well, proving there is no bad day for a celebration, I celebrate No Pants Day with an almost religious fervor.  Of course, I’m in southern California and have been petitioning for a No Pants Week, Month, Year for some time now.  Sadly, few listen to me.  Perhaps it’s just me because if my friends see me in long pants they naturally assume I’m on my way to, or returning from, a funeral.  I’ve watched this No Pants Day grow into a minor phenomenon, if that’s possible, with parties, train and subway sojourns in major cities and countries, and often wonder at the origin of the day.  Traditionally the first Friday in May, it’s probably just coincidence that some years it follows Cinco de Mayo, where most Californians can’t remember where they put their pants, so I choose to believe it started here.

The bigger question is, as suppliers and distributors are we tracking the rise of oddball days like this?  I believe the opportunities for promotional product marketing are there or, at least in the offing.  I referee women’s volleyball in the fall and I use a pink whistle during the month of October to show my support for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Believe me, if it works on me, it can work on anyone.  I am old enough to remember the advent of cause marketing and while I’m not writing today to pitch any IMC product we, and many suppliers, have a lot of cause marketing products and we don’t manufacture them to sit on the shelves so it must be working.  I don’t think these days should be treated any differently.  Think of all the promotions you know that revolve around green on St Patrick’s Day…and not just for green beer.  To give Denver a well-earned plug, they have my favorite No Pants Day celebration with a big party where, NO PANTS ALLOWED of course, but they accept used pants, trousers, slacks as donations and give them to an outreach program for displaced workers and others.  A great example of combining fun with a worthy cause.  As distributors, you know your community, intimately sometimes, and you should be aware of these kinds of celebrations.  You can tell I’m a fan of No Pants Day but it could just as well be Take your Armadillo to Work Day or Build a Bratwurst Day.  So get involved, get tuned-in because you never know where your next promotion may be.  If you see something you like or, don’t like, comment and maybe we can come up with some ideas.  Peace out, pants off.


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2 Responses to Where are my pants?

  1. Daniel Fuselier says:

    Thanks for informing me on a new celebration. No Pants Day can be as big as St. Patty’s Day, atleast in Southern California. The beach communities would love a day to party in anything other than pants…LOL I agree with good marketing on a day like this it can become a new culture trend.

  2. Jodi says:

    No pants day I am not very fond of. But I am all for any celebration.

    But Next Week is Armed Forces Day and Lets Celebrate all of our Troops serving here and abroad. Hip Hip Hooray for them risking there lives for us.

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