Are Calendars Effective Promotional Vehicles?

Wendy Simons

Wendy Simons

As it turns out, yes, based on an article and study conducted by PPB writer Saritha Kurvilla, PPAI and CAC, who undertook a research project to study the role of the traditional calendars, determine how it ranks and co-exists with all the other forms of calendars today and measure the efficacy of promotional or advertising calendars as an ad medium.

A much abbreviated recap of the study the following is noted below.

  • 80% said calendars were important; 83% use calendars to check dates and 82% of households enjoy receiving calendars as a complimentary gift.  Wall calendars are the most used.  However, 28% use desk calendars.  Given that advertising or promotional calendars make up more than a 7% share of the $15.64 billion pie of the promotional product sales in theU.S., that’s a pretty large number of calendar usage.
  • The study also noted that calendars are very effective marketing vehicles.  70% or             more of those reporting could remember the company name and the product.  They also did business with the company and planned to do business with the company again.

As the author stated from the results, promotional products calendars are indeed here to stay. 

When it comes to advertising calendars, particularly desk calendars, there are options when it comes to design.  Certainly, a traditional design will get the job done, but is that really the best option for an advertiser?  Isn’t it more important, particularly in today’s environment with promotional spends still being tight, to make an impact with originality, no matter what the promotional item is?

Why not take a twist on the traditional desk calendar and with one that is unique, stands out and conveys a progressive, “being on the forefront” image about the advertiser?  Even better, why not choose a retail-branded desk calendar, a “double- whammy” in terms of high perceived value?  And, to even top that off, why not a perpetual calendar, one that never goes out of date (talk about being here to stay) and is the gift that keeps on giving.    MoMA Perpetual CalendarMoMA (The Museum of Modern Art) has quite a few perpetual desk calendars, including those designed by artists, including the Magnetic Perpetual Calendars, the Acrylic Perpetual Calendars and the Click-Ball Calendar MoMA Click Ball Calendar(Counselor Magazine’s)Best Calendar in the Industry in 2010).   Remember, the more people take notice of a promotional item, calendar or otherwise, the more the logo is seen, and the higher ROI!

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