Do Something Nice for a Nurse

Donn James

I’d like to think we all have a great memory of a nurse.  Guys, I don’t mean someone we paid to dress up as a nurse, although that may be a great memory as well.  I’m talking about the nurse who tended a loved one or the nurse who took your newborn child from the doctor’s hands at delivery.  My personal favorite nurse is the one that turned on the morphine drip as I fought my last kidney stone.  Because of all they do and how Messagesfar they have come, we celebrate National Nurses Week and we have some great gift ideas to honor our favorite band of caregivers. It can be something as simple as a pen.  Our ‘Messages’ pen can display a company or hospital logo and 6 messages that you can customize to  feature words you associate with nursing…Care, Compassion, Kindness, Strength, Helpful, Intelligent.  Every click of the pen shows a different message.   Gang's All Here Long hours, low pay, funny uniforms are but some of the burdens they bear.  Is it any wonder they exist on caffeine?  Why not honor the nursing staff with one of our personalized mugs showing the hospital logo and all the nurses’ names. Hope, Strength, Cure That said they do get to wear tennis shoes to work and decorate their station so you might like our Hope, Strength, Cure photo frame.  Since this recognizes what nurses provide, a hospital could give this with a note of thanks inserted that each nurse could easily replace with a family photo. If you really want to thank them for their time, our weather station wall clock could be your answer.  Appealing to both men and women and generating a lot of perceived value for the price, this clock also features a hydrometer and thermometer. Weather Station Wall Clock

These are just a few of our promotional product ideas to celebrate National Nurses Week.  They feature IMC product because well…it’s our blog, but if all they’ve done is give you some ideas of your own, that’s OK also.  Visit for more ideas.

National Nurses Week    May 6-12, 2011


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